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Create even richer experiences with fewer frames using advanced prototyping features like conditional logic, mathematical expressions, and variables. This prototype for a cruise liner company features a clean design with an accent on wide format imagery combines with multiple CTAs throughout the page. You can see the prototype a website site visitors falling in love with the landscapes of the exotic destinations and booking a cruise before they know it. Define your own content structure, and design with real data. A functional prototype built to meet well-defined needs and expectations will let you launch your website faster and with fewer problems.

You don’t need to send additional files by mail to create a new prototype version. Editing in programs takes a lot of time; it’s quite a ponderous and resource-consuming variant. It is difficult for several employees to work together on one prototype; only designers can make changes to the project.

app design examples you can learn from

It allows you to keep HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code all in one unified file, and it color-codes different tags and attributes for easier reading and editing. If you pair Bootstrap with Sublime Text, you’ll be able to easily build a high-performing website — and efficiently. While this tool has a niche use, it will quickly become a favorite because of how reliable and easy to use it is. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which helps streamline the process of building a site from scratch. There are dozens of features — including a grid system, a series of responsive breakpoints, and a rich components library — that make coding easier and faster. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or a standalone design tool, we’ve got you covered with this list of top web design software.

how to prototype a website

Prototyping design tools, like Uizard, allow web designers to create website prototypes that are not only aesthetic to look at, but map the user flow too. This is especially important for user testing and checking the functionality of a web design. Figma’s online prototyping tools make it easy to build high-fidelity, no-code interactive prototypes right alongside your designs.

Figma: Best Free Collaborative Wireframing Tool for Beginners

When you’ve got schemes of all pages, the arrangement of all elements and drawing layouts is easier. A prototype demonstrates a customer how a website will look and work. It helps to identify the problems that can interfere with the performance in the future and eliminate them at the early stage. A static prototype consists of individual pages and functional blocks that don’t fully interact with forms, navigation, etc. A prototype is a quick draft model of a future system or product. For large-scale projects with many moving parts, prototyping is indispensable.

how to prototype a website

You can create a Blank Project by choosing the right device type and name your project. Take your prototype’s interactivity one step further by introducing micro-animations with’s powerful animation features. Take advantage of the various user interface libraries, full of UI components that not only look like but also mimic the behavior of their original native counterparts. GitLive to collaborate with other developers and designers.

Step 3: Add Widgets and Icons to Your Web Prototype Project

Customize each according to your content and goals – choose blocks with text only, photos, callback forms, etc. You don’t need to follow a chosen template blindly – design your product creatively. Delete the elements you don’t need, add the blocks you would like to see on the future website. You can prototype everything – a product idea, a text, a landing page, an entire website, and so on. And absolutely everything can be prototyped on a piece of paper. That’s actually how it was done earlier, long before digitalization.

  • And if any changes are needed, you can make them directly to the working model.
  • Low budget — Paper prototypes can be built with supplies already in your office.
  • Nevertheless, there is a vast variety of websites that can help you to deal with this task more effectively.
  • At this stage, it’s a great idea to make sure that the header and sections are shown with the actual content they will be intended to hold.
  • Marvel’s collaborative features let anyone on a design team — no matter how spread out, or whatever the stage of production — add notes, make changes, and share ideas in real time.
  • In this guide, you’ll learn what a prototype is, the benefits, the different types, how to make one and what you should look for in a prototyping tool.

On the left, you will find Fast Widgets and there are three ways to add them. You can either double click the widgets, drag them, or press the hotkeys and draw. If you are a beginner to website prototype, then this guide is for you.


Connect your screens together with any one of the 18 smooth, out-of-the-box transitions like slide, push, pop, and many more. A huge variety of ready-made and fully-customizable Templates for Web and Mobile, with all the popular blocks and elements that you commonly need. Considering its importance, you might want to work with a web design company to help you create a beautiful design across your site. If your site is outdated or poorly designed, consumers will be less likely to trust your brand and more likely to view you as less credible and professional than your competitors.

There are a few distinct advantages of prototyping in code, mostly owing to the fact that you’re starting the design in something that resembles the final form. Scale your design and development with shared assets and libraries that the whole team can use. Add animated GIFs and video to your prototypes to replicate the experience your users will have when engaging with rich media on your website or app. Choose from a variety of ways to approach interactions within your prototypes so that there’s no guesswork for developers about how an experience will look and feel. A website prototype takes it to a whole new level by adding interactions and animation and giving a user a look and feel of what an end product will look like. Creating a website without a prototype is like trying to construct a house without a blueprint.

Design, prototype, and launch dynamic, responsive websites.

It is dedicated to a VDR camera, so it leans heavily on specifications-related modules to present a lot of technical information in the most comprehensive and easy-to-consume way. Sketch out all ideas that come to your head — even those that seem ridiculous might inspire a good idea once you see it on paper. Try Webflow for as long as you like with our free Starter plan. Purchase a paid Site plan to publish, host, and unlock additional features.

how to prototype a website

Plus, Justinmind offers unlimited projects and pricing options ranging from free to enterprise level. A cloud-based, free illustration tool with similar features to Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. Vector offers everything you need to get started building complex illustrations, or designing a site or mobile application. Plus, one of its keynote features is that it’s easy to learn and does not have a steep learning curve. Best defined as an interface design tool, Figma enables multiple designers to collaborate in real time.

Website prototypes examples and templates

By deploying rapid prototyping and using the fail-fast method, you’ll be helping to speed up your product’s release. This is because stakeholders will be able to validate design decisions much faster and there will be less ambiguity at the development stage. If you’re designing a website, check out this awesome tutorial on how to create a responsive website prototype in less than 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can also just choose your pick from these wonderful website design templates to get a head start. With paper prototyping, you can sketch out the main screen layout, along with basic elements and shapes.

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